General Information For Snake Creek Marina Customers


Snake Creek Marina was severely damaged by extremely high winds on May 11, 2016.  Two months and three weeks later, we loaded the last of our visible dock debris.  The debris filled more than twenty-seven 40-yard dumpsters.


As we were making appreciable progress, we were struck by two separate storms.  The new damage caused by these storms set our cleanup and restoration efforts back two to three weeks on each occasion.


We are once again at the point that all docks will be accessible and power will be restored within the next two weeks.  Temporary walkways, however, may be utilized as needed.


We are still waiting for outside contractors to complete some repairs.  Their promised two-month timetables have exceeded the three-month mark.


Finally, beginning mid-September we will begin assembly of a new dock to be located just south of the existing “M” Dock.  This dock will replace many of the existing walkways.



s/Steve McFadden

August 31, 2016


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